Thursday, November 1, 2007

Stay Protected

Thursday, November 1, 2007
Many of us use different antivirus programs for our system's protection.But if one ask does these softwares give 100% protection to our pc,the answer will be no av can give full protection as hackers are more skillful to exploit even a small flaw in any software design.So our aim should be to use an antivirus program that is best in industry.
When i started to worry about my computer's security i started off with norton antivirus system and i felt it was the best and was completely satisfied with my pc's security until a worm started to spoil the party.Losing my hope with nortan i started to analyze which av is the best in market and came to a conclusion that kaspersky and nod32 rocks in protecting pcs.
If we take a look at pros and cons of these two security programs,both stand equally good but nod32 suffers with the lack in ease of use when compared to that of kaspersky's.So i used kaspersky and was proud that i was using No.1 security program in the world until i came across this ratings.

Anti-Virus Software Reviews 2008

Listed in order of rating


I was shocked to see avast at No.12 and AVG at No.8.And dint expect Bit defender to be at No.1 position but it deserve it all cuz its the one now i am using for my pc's security and it detected so many viruses and spywares that kaspersky couldn't.I recommend using bit defender if u guys are fed up with useless crappy security programs.

Download bit defender from here and stay protected.

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