Sunday, August 17, 2008

How I screwed up everything

Sunday, August 17, 2008

     “we are screwed up vai, totally screwed up, we cant make it, if I miss it I will go back, I don wanna go home,” I had never felt so idiotic and stupid, these things never happened to me before, my friend vai was very optimistic I din know how she manages that, with nearly 10 mins left and over 5 km away from the station I din know how il be able to catch the train. All hell broke lose on aug 14 night when were planning to leave to Chennai from Bangalore it was a long weekend and I was happy to go home and meet up some friends our train was at 10.45 and we like idiots drooled over Ben Affleck in jersey girl ( but u must accept he was hot ;-) ) and started around 9 pm from our place it was raining and we purposely din take the bus thinking it ll take time and waited for an auto.

     U see when one thing goes wrong others follow suit and they end up happily messing up everything. No auto would stop and if at all they stopped they would ask huge ransom, finally at around 9.20 pm we got hold of one and started off. Things were going on well, until the much hated traffic put a stop to our vehicle. U must understand that Bangalore traffic is the worst in this whole wide world vehicles would just wait at a single spot for hours and they would line up for miles, horrible simply horrible. Similar thing happened to us also and our clever driver took a turn and went into some lane which was some shortcut only to find that there were a dozen other clever people packing up that lane. With time running away and no sign of the traffic clearing vai came up with a brilliant idea “shall we get down and start running “ I just stared back at her she again repeated “am serious prasanna if we start running now we can make it soon “ I was totally at loss for words and was asking god if only I catch my train tonight I will not ask for any other miracle. The autowala was laughing at our misery we called up our friend to check how far we were from the station, how nice it would be if people just answered our queries without asking why it happened like this. Finally after all the interrogation she spilled out that if the traffic cleared we would reach in 20 mins luckily the vehicles started to move and we reached some distance but still we were out of time and this time we both decided to get down and start running.

     Night 10.45 and we were not alone it was like the whole Bangalore was running a marathon along with us. To top it all my friend's shoe broke and she took it in hand and ran barefoot for almost 3 km. on top of all this circus we missed the train for obvious reasons still we went to the empty platform to see if Indian trains were running perfectly late no hopes. we started back tried to catch any last bus back to Chennai but u wont believe the crowd their I think everyone missed there train ok ok no issues with that ;-)

     But then with no luck in bus we decied we’ll go back to pg and catch some sleep and started back on the way I called up my friend and poured out my misery and he accepted to board me into any bus tomo and with that hopes we slept. Next morning he kept his word and alas we reached by evening. Now if u think that this was the only thing we messed up for the whole trip just imagine this. We din have the printout for the return ticket and couldn’t take it as it was booked through someone’s else login finally when we somehow we found out the ticket it was booked in reverse instead of Chennai to bamngalore it was booked for banglore to Chennai. Her dad booked tickets for us in bus and I swear il never miss a train a again

Moral of the story : check twice while booking tickets and always
book through ur loginTake many copies of the ticket and
last but not least start early its better to wait in station than in the traffic


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Happy friendship day

Sunday, August 3, 2008

i may have failed to say i care

i may have failed to open up and share

but, though no words spoken,

i swear if u need a friend

i will always be there.......... :-)

happy friendship day dear friends