Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A place called Akhnur

Tuesday, November 6, 2007
Having a younger sibling is such a tedious job doing record work,math,writing down essay and watching them relax with music while we are sweating it out for them. so while i was fervently doing the map work i hit upon this place,akhnur. Now i dint know there is a place in India with such a name so decided to dig-in. And in the google search page the first link i found for this tag was why pakistan lost akhnur?, pretty interesting right, things happen like this sometimes.
okay now coming back on this place.As we all know bout the Pakistani's trying to capture kashmir the day since independence and the many wars that have been waged for this cause, the war of 1965 which is considered as the second war of kashmir was a great loss for Pakistan, though at the strategic level they were far superior, the poor implementation of the plan and the miscalculations of the military personnel lead it to a tactical draw which it turned out to be.
Akhnur, is a town north-east of Jammu and a key region for communications between Kashmir and the rest of India. Operation Grand Slam was part of the war and was four phased; the capture of Chamb, the crossing of river Tawi and consolidation, followed by the capture of Akhnur, and finally severing the Indian lines of communication and capturing Rajauri.
The situation with Akhnur in Pakistani hands would have been disastrous for India. Perhaps if Akhnur had been captured and the Indian lines of communication severed, the Indian attack on Sialkot could never have occurred! Perhaps. But that we will never know. What we do know is that Akhnur was never captured and this led us into the attack on Lahore and later Sialkot in the wee hours of September 6 1965.
But the war of 1965 saw some excellent strategic planning in pakistan's military the initial thrust in akhnur and with superior technology they could ve caused considerable loss to India. well all that was history, though, still there has been no positive conclusion between the two countries and tension is remaining near LOC. With the present pakistani leader's liking for military uniform things don seem bright in the near future. Anyway who knows what might happen,but i never though that doing my sister's homework could lead to so much warfare.