Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Amazing anagrams

Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Da Vinci Code tops the list among the few books i have read so far.Everyone should have loved the way Dan Brown used anagrams to reveal the secret about the Tomb of Mary Magdalene and i am no exception.I wondered how Dan Brown created such powerful anagrams like "O,Draconian Devil,Oh Lame Saint!" and "so dark the con of man" and went on to try Google as usual where i found some interesting anagrams.Here are few,
  • Dormitory == Dirty Room
  • Desperation == A Rope Ends It
  • The Morse Code == Here Come Dots
  • Slot Machines == Cash Lost in 'em
  • Animosity == Is No Amity
  • Snooze Alarms == Alas! No More Z's
  • Alec Guinness == Genuine Class
  • Semolina == Is No Meal
  • The Public Art Galleries == Large Picture Halls, I Bet
  • A Decimal Point == I'm a Dot in Place
  • The Earthquakes == That Queer Shake
  • Eleven plus two == Twelve plus one
  • Contradiction == Accord not in it
  • A Telephone Girl == Repeating "Hello"
  • Debit card == Bad credit
  • Dame Agatha Christie == I am a death case, right?
  • Conversation == Voices rant on
  • Heavy rain == Hire a Navy
  • Statue of Liberty == Built to stay free
  • Stone Age == Stage One
  • Tony Blair == Only a Brit
  • Hansie Cronje ==A sincere John
  • George Bush== He bugs Gore
  • Madonna Louise Ciccone == Occasional nude income
  • William Shakespeare == I am a weakish speller
  • The meaning of life == The fine game of nil
  • Acorn Computers == Crap on customer
  • Osama Bin Laden == Old man in a base==A damn alien S.O.B
  • President Saddam Hussein == Dispensed human disaster
  • The best things in life are free==Nail-biting refreshes the feet
  • The Oprah Winfrey Show == Oh wow! Fine hyper-trash!
  • Whitehouse Intern Miss Monica Samille Lewinsky == Hey! William Clinton arouses me. Hi! I'm Ken's witness!
  • William Clinton == An ill clown: I'm it
Also i found out that Dan Brown used a software called "Anagram Genius" for creating his masterpiece.I downloaded it and tried out for my name and my hero.The best result i got was
  • prabhu == Ah!Burp
  • Sachin Tendulkar == And i lack the runs (u got to be kiddin)
Try out this software and do share the anagrams you found.
Note its a trail version.

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deepa said...

Deepa- De ape?!! ;)