Friday, November 9, 2007

I Love You!!!

Friday, November 9, 2007
I still remember the first day of my French class,waiting eagerly to enjoy as we all know well about our french sir,a fun loving guy as said by our seniors.There he is,still looking like a high school student,Mr.Antony,my first french sir has arrived with his usual smile in his face.He introduced himself and we too did in turn.Then the conversation between us went this way,

Sir: So,shall we start??

we: nooooooo(usual chorus)

Sir: ok(big smile this time),then tell me what is the word or sentence you guys want to know in french ??

we: blah blah....(as usual, i am sure nothing reached him)

Sir: Though you all come up with different words n sentences now ,as you leave the class you ll feel that you missed to ask about this sentence...(he took the chalk n wrote something on board),this is that sentence "I love you" note it down..

we: (grinned, and recorded the sentence "Je t'aime" in our mind)

It was an awesome first class that i couldnt ever forget in my life.How true it is,he just gave away what we needed.He very well read our mind as he too had once went past the student age.I wish every teacher to be like him(not to teach that sentence in different languages) but to read the students mind and act accordingly.

Here is my simple effort to let u all know "I love you" in different languages...
Je t'aime(French):D
Ich liebe Dich(Germen)
Ti amo(Italian)
Eu te amo(Portuguese)
Te quiero(Spanish)U should ve known this if u r an Enrique fan(Bailamos song).
Ik houd van u(Dutch)
It ll be helpful for me and many others if you can translate this in other more languages known to you.Au revoir.


zahid said...


remember my fren who has learnt 'i love you' in about 20 indian languages...

keep posting

Dogastray said...

u guys are good ...
I would have a different word all together .. lol !!!

P.S .. i have blogrolled u ...

naresh said...

mappi.... pakka infotainment ra!!!

Khushboo said...

hi.. here r some i know

bengali- ami tomake bhalobashi

chinese- wo oi nei

hebrew- ani ohevet otcha