Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bus beauty!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007
I often miss my college bus as i am lazy enough to wake up by 7:15 to catch my 8:00 0'clock college bus. So the other alternative obviously is the fully loaded city bus. That day i woke up only by 7:20 so i had to go by our crowded city bus. While i was waiting impatiently at the stop, my eyes hit upon a beautiful girl. Wow,what a girl she was, i couldn't take my eyes off from her, oh yeah, she got that perfect shape. But i dint fail to watch my bus coming, i stepped into the bus and thanked god as she too boarded the same bus. I kept admiring her but at one point i got to get down. It was like i reached my destination with in seconds and was sad to leave her in the bus but i got to go to college. I should have bunked my college to see where she gets down, i said to myself. Nevertheless, the next day i woke up by 6:30 and went to bus stop by 7:30 expecting her. I dint wait more than 15 mins, there she came looking even more beautiful than i felt yesterday. I felt very happy that i got her back again, continued admiring but i dint go on to miss my college as i was confident that i can meet her every day. Now it has become a routine that i missed my college bus everyday and whenever I boarded the city bus my eyes searched for her lovely face and failed to turn away once found. Finally,one day she caught me drooling over her, guess what she dint bother and what more she too started to make unknown glances. It was real fun, I would see when she doesn’t and she would when I don't, we enjoyed this hide n seek every day. Opportunity knocked the door one day, the bus was unusually fully packed and I was just a breath away from her, I must admit that I felt a bit shy to watch her at that close quarters so i turned back. Then suddenly I felt a sweet softness in my back, her touch, wow I was covered with a frenzy of emotions from head to toe. U r damn lucky dude, i said to myself as i was savoring that exquisite moment. I was forced to miss the college as i dint witness that i went past my stop enjoying her touch. Suddenly, when i glanced through the window i saw her moving with her friends down the street. I was really shocked not because that i missed the college but i could still feel that same touch at my back. With huge disappointment, i slowly pushed myself away and turned around to find an old lady….

Moral of the story: When opportunities come your way you mustn’t turn away but hug it up with open arms….;-)


zahid said...

Liked the post!!!!!

Its something worth experiencing !!!

hp84 said...

I really like this story. If I were you, I'll be taking the city bus too..

RAJA said...

No more trains for me...!!!!...gud post..