Friday, November 16, 2007

Hi-speed Fight at Night !!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Formula one's first night race will be held in Singapore in 2008 after the 18-Grand Prix calender was already confirmed by the sport's governing body.The city will host the Sept. 28 event,which it hopes will draw 80,000 spectators and generate S$100 million($68 million) in tourism spending.
Singapore has teamed up with Italy-based Valerio Maioli S.p.a,which specializes in the engineering of lighting and telecommunication system.Lighting plays an important part in the race and the company said it will use lights to guide the drivers.The entire track will be fitted with close to 1,500 projectors,placed 4 meters apart.This makes it almost four times brighter than an average sports stadium.But the brightness will not be too glaring for the drivers.This is because the projectors will be erected 10 meters above the course.The power surge will not result in any power outage or blackout,thanks to 12-twined power generators.The light will be brought to Singapore in early January to be tested in a controlled environment.
Contractors will then take approximately two to three months to set up the system,so the lighting system will likely be up in the second quarter of 2008."It's never happened before,so its very exciting for the world,and everybody's waiting for this night race.For instance, there are 400 reporters going for each grand prix.For Singapore,probably 600 are coming,almost double in number,because of the interest,"said Colin Syn,President of Singapore Grand Prix.
No wonder we are about to see a real "NFS Underground" live next year on 28th September.


Noushy Syah said...

wow..this is amazing!! A night GP race?

cwowowooo....definitely would bring more spectators as nite time more comfy and not only anxious abt the race but I guess about the lighting happenings!