Thursday, November 29, 2007

where are you hiding baby....

Thursday, November 29, 2007
People glancing at me for the first time would all think am a sweet innocent girl(ha ha ha... truly guys)but you should ask my mom how sweet and also how very innocent i am,she would burst out crying at this question as i had given her a huge run when i was a kid,fell into a ground well,got my head caught into our gate, had a fracture and lots more... but this one incident was the best of all and it proved wat an evil genius i am.
My mom was pregant around 7-8 mnths and was carrying my sister.Now usually she would bathe me and leave me to play with the water for sometime.And so that day too the same thing happened she left me and went inside.After playing for sometime i decided to trick her and hide somewhere.Here comes my brilliance,we had slabs put in our store room and beneath it was a huge wooden box and on either sides of the box there articles.I went to one side of the box and hid behind the gas cylinder he he he... it was so full that noone could have guessed me there.
When i dint come inside my mom came to chk in the bathroom and as it was empty she guessed immediately that i must hiding somewere and started to search everywere. Under the sofa,bed,kitchen,everywere and couldnt find me(told ya na it was absolutely perfect).she thought that i might have ran outside and so asked my neighbours to search outside.They went searching the whole quarters and couldnt find me.When they said this my mom was so scared, and she started to cry badly calling to all gods and praying to save me.i felt sad seeing her cry so came out of the hiding and imagine what would have happened to me i was smacked like anything(ouch it hurts).i would still tease her saying how i could go out of house without her noticing it and why she searched the whole neighbourhood.she would reply that i was so naughty that i can manage with anything.oh please dont flatter me now...;-)

Would like to hear all your mischeifs too guys


deepa said...

hmm!!! only childhood mischief?!!! ;) wy don u tell us more bout ur current doings?