Tuesday, November 27, 2007

School memories

Tuesday, November 27, 2007
I am trying to sleep but i cant,random thoughts kept moving.I could hear the clock ticking,my thoughts went back to my childhood days.I still remember my LKG days,my mom said that i use to cry everyday for about one month to goto school.My class teacher kushitha will say my mom to leave when my mom hesitate to leave me crying.I once ran out of the class before the lunch bell watching my mom waiting outside,then my class teacher dragged me back to class and left me only after the bell.My mom also said that she too cried at home after leaving me at school for the first day and later was consoled by our neighbors.How much affectionate she is towards me,what i am going to do for her in return???with this question in my mind,i started to test my memory.I tried if i can list all my class teacher names and started to list in order.
LKG-kushitha(My tuition teacher too till 4th)
1st-Aunty(thats how everyone call,so i dont blame my memory)
2nd-Ambujam(one who made my hand writing better)
4th-Ruby(She is the one who made me sit with sindhu,my GF then)
5th-Geetha & Dhanalakshmi(Geetha left the job in mid)
8th-Gomathi(She made me the class leader for the first time)
9th-UshaRani(very good friend)
Yes,i did it.Now i am confident of my memory power.Took a deep breath and started to sleep.


Sandeep Sundaram said...
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Sandeep Sundaram said...

you have a very gud memory dude..
i 2 can rem few of my clas stecahers but i cant rem every one...
neways i loved ur prvs Post tht bus stop one...