Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Its snow time

Tuesday, November 27, 2007
Since its winter, and we all love snowfall I decided to create one for my self. So after all my research work (he he he…), I found out this cool trick with photoshop and imageready and decided to share it with u all buddies. Hope u all enjoy it

To create a snowfall we first create the effect with photoshop and then jump in to imageready for the animation part.

1.Open the image u wanna apply snow in photoshop. I ve selected this Christmas image

2.Create a new layer
Layer-> newlayer.

4.Using brush tool of a small size draw snow over the picture careful not to smudge into each other.Then with the free transform tool pull the layer down.

5.Then select layer-> duplicate layer, a copy of the present layer will be created. Now using the same tool pull the layer copy upwards.

6.Select layer->merge down now both the created layers will be merged as one.

7.Now once the layers have been merged.Select the jump to imageready option in the tool box.And the edited image will be opened in imageready, were we will be creating the animation part.

8. Here you will notice that in the animation palette a single frame containing the image will be created. Now select the small arrow on the top right corner of the palette and from the menu that displays select new frame.

9. In the new created frame select the layer and using the transform tool pull the layer slightly down.

10. Then again select the arrow in the palette, this time choose tween and give fifteen as the number of frames.Select file-> save optimized as… that’s it your done and your snow is ready to fall


RAJA said...

great ...do u know how to use photoshop perfectly????if yes can i ask u to edit one thing for me???