Friday, November 9, 2007

Learning for learning’s sake

Friday, November 9, 2007
The same scenario exists in every student’s life if there is a test tomorrow. The first thing they do is call up their friend and ask”machi question kedachudu da?”, copy down whatever he says then again another question”dei idula enga da iruku, patha mariye illaye” and the common sarcastic comment comes back “ellam book la dan iruku ama unkitta book iruka” tension catches up on this side “ayyayo book illaye, seri vidu college la vandu pathukalam” that’s all take that piece of paper throw it off somewhere. Then carry on with more important work, chatting with friends online. Here again we continue to boast our preparedness for the test “ na suttama tottu kuda pakala da” ,”inda subject lam padikka mudiadu ore kadi”,”anda staff ku iduve jasthi”, the conversation goes on interrupted by the usual gossip and kalaai. At last after completing the routine work retire to our beds. Just before closing our eyes we ponder that tomorrow is test and that we havent touched one word. But still we wouldn’t budge a bit, we simply turn around and start dreaming.
Our sincerity still takes over us in the morning, we get up pretty late run around and make a big fuss and somehow make it to the bus stop. Even while traveling we wont give a glance through the notes, stay cool and enjoy the not so good scenery outside. On arriving inside the classroom we catch hold of someone who managed to study and ask him to give some hints for each question, reach the exam hall and develop the hints walk of marginally clearing the test. This enthusiasm and reverence will be repeated for all the tests and also the university exam. God only knows how we ended up as first class graduates.
This is all fun to hear and read but, if we contemplate over our achievements we will realize we truly are not worthy of it. Education must be something above all grades and certificates. It must ensure we acquire the knowledge imparted by each subject and not just marks. This can happen only if we decide not to simply study the facts but learn their nuances and try to put it to practice. There is no use in simply saying I was born intelligent education ruined me, because no one can ruin anyone unless we let them to.