Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Heal the world

Tuesday, October 30, 2007
Rain rain go away

come again another day

little johnny wants to play

rain rain go away...

Most of us will be singing this song these days,wow what a rain it is,nonstop shower pouring down as an angry child robbed of a lollypop. But even if the rain stops there are 17 million children who cant play as they have to work for their food and living.

I simply cant imagine,all i remember of my childhood was playing in the mud, swings,balls but, when i was walking past a construction site i saw pretty small children carrying loads of bricks sand cement i had not gone beyond the plastic pieces of the building play set. Even in my college small kids would be running around carrying out errands, as a grown up i cant miss a single meal but these kids only wen they can afford. All the rules and government policies nothing has changed still there are a lot child workers,but there is also some thing to check .

Many times the kids themselves dont wanna stop working at that small age as they can survive only with that little they earn.But still cant stop sympathizing for what they are losing.Speaking and writing of it will never end their pain and struggle cuz when they stop working who ll feed them that still remains a question.We should stop celebrating for our sensex reaching 20000 mark and instead we should look for what good could be done for these children.Many of us spend so much on trial things shoes mobiles n stuffs, but y cant we spend a little of our earning for their education. It was always my dream to adopt a child or at least give the complete education a child wanted till it is good enough to stand on its own. Here in my first blog I request you to spend atleast some amount of your earnings to the welfare of these children. We dont need ngo's and other ppl to go about these things just follow your heart true happiness comes from making others happy. Bring a smile on a kids face you ll never feel more blessed in your whole life.