Friday, January 11, 2008

Love and Hate tag

Friday, January 11, 2008
First tag from Ice,so i am accepting it with grace.

1. I love to eat: Dosa with many side dishes around it.

2. I hate to eat: anything @ my college canteen

3. I love to go: to beach or any water surrounded place,also mountains

4. I hate to go: any crowded place

5. I love it when: I make others happy.

6. I hate it when: Others don't understand me.

7. I love to see: my pras for now

8. I hate to see: India losing.

9. I love to hear: music and friends talk.

10. I hate to hear: anything that is categorized as noise.


Ice said...

Hi wersp, thanks a lot for accepting the tag. What is a Dosa? What do you mean by pras? We are the same in terms of the love of music. You take care! :)