Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dress up your Stars

Thursday, January 10, 2008
It was really boring yesterday that i signed in to yahoo messenger to spend by time chatting with my friends.Luckily i found Khushboo online,my online friend for 4 years became too close only in the recent days.I pinged her immediately to start conversation.She replied that she too was bored to core that she kills her time dressing up celebrities.I got confused by her reply and asked her what she is doing exactly.Then she gave me this link to try out in which i found a huge celebrities list.As the site name tells,i found dolls of famous celebrities and we can dress up these dolls with any outfit that we prefer but only from the collection they provide.
I found it really interesting that i could see my star with any outfit that i like.When i saw the celebrities list my hands went on to click Avril Lavigne straight away.You can see how i dressed Avril up at the right side.Doesn't she look like a Barbie doll??


kkabra08 said...

Wow... a suprise! I didn't expect it to appear in the blog this early... :)

wersp said...

aaahh..wat a surprise a comment from khushboo herself ..

pennylane said...

hello.. :) this is really cute.. i made one too...heheh :)