Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year Gift

Wednesday, January 2, 2008
Ever since i started blogging ,i always use to worry about my Google page rank and Alexa ranking.Though i see a steady progress in my Alexa ranking ,my Google page rank remains at zero.Few weeks ago, i tried Google to know if there a way atleast to predict my future page rank.Surprisingly it listed many sites providing with the tool to predict our future page rank but i found they all use the same tool later.So i picked up the top most result which is i tried for my blog,it said my site dont have enough backlinks as a site should have atleast 100 backlinks in order to carry on with the prediction.So i kept exchanging links with my blog friends i found every day and tried to predict my pagerank regularly but it said the same thing-Backlink insufficient.It was yesterday,to my surprise it showed a different result as follows
# Domain name
Current PR Predicted Accuracy Backlinks

5 (4.5)87.3%1,911

Though its just a prediction,i am extremely happy about the result.Few days ago it said insufficient backlinks(less than 100),now it shows 1911,anyways,I take this as the new year gift.I thank all my friends for the regular visits and also for the backlinks.


Portable Bitch said...

cruel.. hiihihii

that's something nice to look forward to.. :)

Sunshine4Life said...

honestly, i never minded my ratings not until someone toldme to check in it too. my blogger blog has no rating yet but i hope in few more months I can see a better result. I make my main blog (wordpress blog) my inspiration because in that blog -- i just write and write and share and share with no rating thought in mind until one day after 5 months i got a rating of 5. :D

anyway, don't let your 0 rating affect your ability to share what you wanna share. It's more fun to write than checking out the PR ratings. hehehe

Happy New Year, W!

levian said...

i went to have a check on mine too. curiosity i suppose. hehe. its pretty interesting i would say, a motivation too. ;)