Monday, January 14, 2008


Monday, January 14, 2008
Wanna know if your friend hides from you in yahoo messenger.Don't worry you can catch them instantaneously using any of these two methods.One way is to download BuddyCheck,a software that helps you to find the invisible ones.It gets all your friends id through your e-mail id that you provide and gives their online status readily.Another way to find your friend's online status is through a website,all you got to do is to give the id of the one whom you suspect.The site will give the result in seconds.Here are the links for you
To Download Buddycheck(trail version):Click here
Website to find online status:Click here


Spencer said...

So if your friend is hiding from you - what good does it do to discover that?

wersp said...

I get to know how good is my friend

Sunshine4Life said...

oh this is cool, wersp, but really, i don't mind if my YM friend goes invisible. at times YM friends need privacy, too!

have a nice day!

Chant said...

oh thanks for sharing this,its useful sometimes so I can buzz them and so you know who is ignoring you lol