Thursday, January 14, 2010

Its been a long time

Thursday, January 14, 2010
Last year had been a great year for me that i gained lot of experience , learnt lot of lessons, laughed out and spent my time happily with my family and friends. I like to thank everyone for making my life so comfortable and easy. I want to carry on the spirit this year and want to give back the support to my well wishers whenever they need.

Oh no! Here is my sweet blog left untouched for the almost a year. I feel so bad that dint carry on with my work for my blog but nevertheless i am so serious to give a come back. That's said, I wanna wish fellow bloggers and my friends a great 2010.


Karthik Krishnamurthy said...

Happy Newyear man. Yes, even I have decided to concentrate on my blog as well. I understand that you worked very hard for money rightly pointed out in your only post for 2009.

"I am one among those who work hard for that paper (oh that's money) and have no time to do what i really like."

So did I. I'm trying to keep myself involved in blogging. Join me via google connect. I guess I have sent an invitation not sure if it had reached though.


wersp said...

Thanks and Happy new wishes to you too. Nice to see your name in this blog. I will add you in my bloggers list. Come often .. Happy blogging