Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ever enjoyed these - Part 1

Saturday, June 20, 2009
In this hectic world, many don't find time to enjoy the few small things that happens around us. I am one among those who work hard for that paper (oh that's money) and have no time to do what i really like.

Still, there are few things that keeps me human. I like to share those few things that i enjoy

  • A child's smile - never miss to spend some time whenever find a baby
  • Water droplets falling from leaves during rainy season
  • Walking alone in the street at mid night -(give it a try it will be good)
  • Listening to a melody at night.
  • Listen to the conversation of children (I am sure one will feel nostalgic)
  • Have a look at Birds, dogs, cows that stands under a shadow when it rains.
  • Meet your old friend after long time. (I dont mean that one should not meet their friends often)
  • Foot boarding empty train.
  • Be on occasions. It wont come back.
  • Early morning sounds (birds, paper, cooker sound).

I like to include a lot more to this list but in the next part. Before that, let me know if you guys have anything like this to share.


idealpinkrose said...

I never tried #3 and I'm scared to do it. You're so brave!

NovaS said...

wow....i'm not sure if i have done those...