Sunday, April 20, 2008

100th post

Sunday, April 20, 2008

We started it together ,it was on October 28th night,i said her my idea of staring a blog as i was so determined to start one.We were wasting our time at home doing nothing so i thought i can spend enough time doing a blog making it as much popular as i can.As she already had an idea of doing the same she readily accepted to join me.The next day after few conflicts which were somehow resolved,we started working on blog templates and wasted the whole day discussing about it as we couldn't select one.The third day putting selection of template aside,i suggested her that a separate Gmail account dedicated for the blog will be easy to manage.Up on her approval,i asked her to give a meaningful name for that Gmail id and after few moments she came out with the name as wersp i.e., we are sp where sp stands for sekar,prabhu(me) and srinivasan,prasanna(she).Nice idea indeed but the name wersp was already registered by someone.After several ideas from both side, we finalized (v are sp) as the gmail account for our unborn blog.
Whats next, creation of blogger account.Thank god,wersp was not registered by anyone this time.Thus the site got created.We went ahead with that which rooted to creation of blog title.Blog Title??must be catchy ...but no arguments this time i said my idea of having the title as Black n White to her which she accepted readily without asking for reasons.But why Black n White?? Is it because i am black n she is white which few of my friends asked me or is it because the blog template contains only the colors black n white or does it refers evil and good ...the questions went on but whatever the reasons one can think of from the title,all those were the reasons behind it.
As everything has been finished,on october 31st she did the first post for our blog on child labor as per my request.That is how the blog started,gone are 6 months,plenty of things happened to the blog as well as to us.Here at the 100th post i like to highlight few important moments happened to blog during this period,
  • approval by Blogsvertise(November)
  • approval by Google Adsense(November)
  • approval by sponsored reviews on December(though it rejected our blog twice)
  • approval by smorty on December(rejected our blog 5 times)
  • She left to coimbatore on december end to join TCS leaving the blog to me
  • I left to hyderabad to join Keane(thats where the traffic begun to drop)
  • Google page rank 4 on march 1st(No wonder the rank is 2 now)
I also like to thank all my blog friends for inspiring us and supporting us in doing this blog.Now i am doing only posts for money for past few months whenever i could find some time.I know the quality has gone.Lets see if i can bring it back.


shiera (bisdakbabbles) said...

congratulations! ^-^
Hope you'll keep on blogging!

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Dean Saliba said...


I am nearing 500 myself, I hope you get to this figure soon. :)

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