Friday, December 14, 2007

Love Thy Nation

Friday, December 14, 2007

We have always felt that to work in a foreign country is something prestigious, the alien lands seem greener and rich. Many are ready to lose any pride and honor they have to just work abroad. The poor for a living and the educated elite to simply boast that they made shit in a foreign loo, and also because some third cousin’s wife’s brother is there its very important that they should also go foreign. But still among these literate idiots we still have some sane men who prefer to find glory in our country.

Dr Sharan Patil was born on 13th April 1965 in Raichur district of Karnataka. In 1979, he moved to Bangalore and attended the premedical school training at the prestigious MES College Bangalore. Sharan completed his medical school with an academic distinction from MR Medical College Gulbarga; His post-graduate education was at Kasturba Medical College Manipal. He was awarded D.Othro in 1990 followed by the MS Ortho in 1991 with a Gold medal.

In 1992, Sharan moved to the UK for further training. He worked in some of the premier teaching institutions in the North West of England, including the Alder Hey's Children's Hospital - one of the largest pediatric hospitals in Europe.The other renowned organisations where he gained valuable experience were Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Hope Hospital, Manchester and Warrington District General Hospital.In December 1995, Sharan was bestowed with the coveted degree of Mch Orth from Liverpool University, making him the youngest graduate to be accorded this honour since the course began in 1926.

With such a high profile and a promising career in Europe and US Dr.Sharan returned home to India to give his knowledge to his countrymen. On returning he joined the premier Institute of Manipal Hospital in Bangalore as their youngest consultant. Whilst working with this organization, he single-handedly performed over 5000 major complex surgical this earned him the impeccable reputation of delivering high quality orthopedic care to those who could afford his expertise. Not content with this he decided to go further and give quality service to the masses and thus came sparsh hospital. Under his stewardship and within the short time span of 16 months, over 2000 major surgeries have been performed on the lower-middle and middle class strata of society.

It is this very same hospital and doctor who along with 30 other specialist made an operation on the eight limbed girl lakshmi and helped her return to normal life like a normal child. In lakshmi’s village they consider her as a goddess, but for the child and her parents Dr.Sharan is god-like and a thousand others who want to go and settle abroad, a slap on the face.