Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Creativity is your Capital

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Starting a new business is no longer a costly affair; all you need is zeal to excel backed by a unique idea. A new trend has begun in the industry where unconventional methods and out of the box concepts are bringing in huge bucks home. Its pretty simple, see a need fill the need, you have to just figure out what others need and how to match it your skills. This simple thought made Sandeep Gajakas a 28 yr old entrepreneur to start India’s first shoe laundry service.
Seeing many people moving around with costly but dirty sneakers he felt this might just workout. Current methods were not satisfactory and people were not interested in spoiling their hi-tech beauties, so armed with the right knowledge of chemicals and cleaning methods he started out with shoe cleaning service in Mumbai with 7000rs. Now his company shoe laundry is having a turnover of 1.5 lakh a month. In the initial stages sandeep was the single working member of his enterprise, as he din trust another person with the job.Now he has hired people to help grow the business.
Another interesting venture is E-States international by Sachin Dhanwala and Sundip Joshy, its job is to find office space for companies and also take care of all paper work involved in it. These are just one among the many services that you could turn to into a bustling new industry. Wedding planners, Concierge services, Online ads, Housekeeping for offices and hotels, Food delivery, Verification services are some of the other fields which could also be started with a less capital.
The most important factor in these ventures is the end product quality, these people made it big not just with good concepts but also by providing value to customers. You should also possess the special knowledge it requires, good networking and marketing skills along with the mastery of nuances of the field interested. It all comes to just one point to shine as an entrepreneur all you need is a bright idea.


Mahesh said...

enna ore arindham chaudhary ideas ellam thareenga?? tharu maru ponga!
The logo in side bar is rocking!!

theworkingmom said...

Very nice business ideas! It's really about finding a need, filling it, but filling it well. :) Sigh, having a business is a dream of mine.

JAZEVOX said...

great biz ideas